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William Edward Robin Hood Hastings-Bass

17th Earl of Huntingdon, (born 30 January 1948), is an English hereditary peer, and former racehorse trainer to Queen Elizabeth II.

Hastings-Bass (now styled Lord Huntingdon) is from an equestrian family: his father (Peter Hastings-Bass) and grandfather (Aubrey Hastings) were horse trainers; Hastings-Bass's mother, Priscilla Hastings, was also a racehorse owner and among the first women admitted as members of the Jockey Club.

In August 1990, the 16th Earl of Huntingdon died without male issue, thus Hastings-Bass, the great-grandson of the 14th Earl, inherited the title. He was married to Susan Warner from 1989 to 2001, and is the maternal uncle of Clare Balding.

Spouse: unknown

Children: unknown

Parents: unknown

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