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Richard Henry Rupert Bertie (The Rt. Hon.)

14th Earl of Lindsey and 9th Earl of Abingdon (born 28 June 1931) is an English peer. Bertie did his national service with the Royal Norfolk Regiment, becoming a second lieutenant on 6 February 1952 with seniority from 3 February 1951. On 25 July 1952, he was given the acting rank of lieutenant, and the promotion was made substantive on 28 June 1954 with seniority from the date of his acting rank. Bertie was transferred to the Regular Army Reserve from the Army Emergency Reserve on 24 September 1957. Between 1958 and 1996, he was a Lloyd's broker. In 1963, he succeeded his half-cousin as Earl of Lindsey and Abingdon and hereditary High Steward of Abingdon.

Spouse: Norah Elizabeth Farquhar-Oliver ​​(after 1957).

Children: Henry Mark Willoughby Bertie, Lady Annabel Frances Rose Bertie, Hon. Alexander Michael Richard Willoughby Bertie.

Parents: Hon. Arthur Michael Bertie, Aline Rose Arbuthnot-Leslie.

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