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My Lord Howard HS Hoh, billionaire.

Howard HS Hoh-Howard (Hoh Hoong Sing-Howard) (My Lord) (The Rt. Hon.) (Prof.)

Earl of Nottingham and Earl of Effingham (1st assignment) (pairing with heir VIII Earl of Effingham), styled My Lord Howard, an invisible billionaire, businessman, financial consultant, founder and owner of Lloyds Berkshire, estimated worth £600 billion. His favourite sport is Polo, a member of The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club  (RCBPC)  also known as The Berkshire, is situated near Windsor in the United Kingdom and played at The Tally Ho farm during The Polo Festival. Being active in automotive development during year 2013 - 2016 (managing Investment Portfolio - Toyota) have contributed to Toyota success in 24hrs Le Mans endurance racing and Dakar Rally. 

Spouse: unknown

Children: unknown

Parents: unknown

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